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Sign Up to Communicate Within the Neighborhood, Vote on Grants, and More

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BELOW: Map of the
McClintock Neighborhood Association

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1. What types of messages would you like to receive?
 This is an override category. If checked, a list member receives ALL messages sent out by the neighborhood leaders.
 This is an override category. If checked, a list member receives ALL messages sent out by all residents within the non-chairperson neighborhood.
NOTE: If you leave the two checkboxes above checked, you will automatically receive all messages. Alternatively, you may uncheck those checkboxes and check specific message types below.

 For example: alerts about a lost child, lost elder, lost pet, active crime event, etc.
 Receive messages that will provide you with an opportunity to vote on how neighborhood funds are spent.
 Local police and city officials sometimes ask neighborhoods for their preferences about safety and policy enforcement issues.
 Messages about events, such as block parties, GAIN Night activities, potluck dinners, service projects, etc.

 Information about homelessness issues. Coordinating efforts to ensure that nobody in our neighborhood becomes homeless or remains homeless.
 Anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.
Note: You will be able to change your message type preferences at any time. These preferences control electronic communications from the neighborhood association. These settings will not block or change how you receive physical post cards sent to the neighborhood association by the city of Tempe.
2. How frequently would you like to receive messages?

As a practical matter: We are early in the process of launching this effort, this neighborhood communication tool. This is currently a very low-volume list. There may only be one or two messages per week, or per month. The mssage volume may change in coming months. You will be able to change your frequency setting at any time.
3. How would you prefer to receive messages?

4. Please provide contact email address/text phone #/etc.:

This is the contact information that we will use to send messages. If you want to be contacted via Nextdoor or Facebook, please provide your name as it appears on the platform. We can not send you messages based on your address alone.

5. Street address:

We need to verify that neighbors voting on project funding and other issues live within the city-specified neighborhood boundaries. Also: We use the street address information to keep track of who has responded to this survey. This is only for the local neighborhood, so you do NOT need to specify city, state or zip code. Just street address.

6. What is your name? (optional)

Note that each individual adult living within neighborhood boundaries is allowed to vote on neighborhood funding issues. We recommend signing up as an individual person, rather than as a household. Multiple people within one household may sign up.